Plight of our Wounded Warrior

The US Veterans Affairs (VA) Healthcare system now finds itself inundated with young service members who have been physically or mentally wounded in Operation Enduring Freedom (OEF)/ Operation Iraqi Freedom (OIF). This new reality means that the VA must quickly begin reemphasizing the needs of a younger and more active amputee patient population and must realign their programs to best serve this growing population.

While the military is doing its part to enable these soldiers and equip them to perform the most basic life functions, there remains a significant level of fragmentation within the medical community for their long term care. This has led to a disproportionate amount of services available to them beyond post-rehabilitation. The military has realized that the gap in the medical care network needs the support of community based organizations to help fill the need. Wounded Warriors and their families are reaching out in increasing numbers for assistance in managing their every day challenges and are seeking programs that support the overall physical and mental health for wounded soldiers during the years following their primary rehabilitation.

The needs of OEF/OIF Wounded Warriors are special.  These soldiers were in top physical and mental condition prior to suffering their injuries.  As a founding member of the Georgia Warrior Alliance and an Army Wounded Warrior (AW2) Community Support Network member, The Scott Rigsby Foundation seeks to fill these gaps and enable Wounded Warriors to achieve a new lifestyle for themselves and their families.

Want to do all you can do to help these brave soldiers? Review the links below for additional information on the plight of our Wounded Warriors:

- Bills in Congress

- Latest Congressional Report on Wounded Warriors Issues

- Understanding PTSD

Ride with us on August 9, 2014! Your donations will go toward the Wounded Warrior Family Retreats and counseling in support of these brave soldiers.

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